Notes from the Underworld

May 23, 2010

Roadposts on the Golden Road of Life

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So, this is where I apologize and pray that I am not punished too harshly for this latest technological hiccup.

You see, when I planned to switch to WordPress, I misunderstood the process.  I thought, like Blogger, I would be signing up for a standard WordPress account and then using FTP or some other simple protocol to transfer that blog over to; instead, it turns out that I could install WordPress on my site and manage my site that way.

So, while the site redesign is still deeply under construction, I would like to take a moment here to point you to the actual location of the new, improved, ultra-shiny Notes from the Underworld blog on, found here.  There are just a couple posts on it right now, but I assure you the verbiage will flow a bit thicker now that i know I might have some readers.

Apologies again for being massively misleading, and please, pardon the site’s dust; it’s a work in progress.

April 27, 2010

I’m a Placeholder. Watch Me Hold.

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I realize that this is anticlimactic for those of you who might be coming over here from my soon-to-be-defunct Blogger version of this blog; but sadly, I am at work, so I don’t have the time to be particularly verbose.  More will be coming in the next couple of days, with yet more still to come once I get this thing fully up and running.  For now, though, enjoy my generic and banal update.

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